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Speculative Now! Workshop in Split

Speculative Now! Workshop in Split

Together with Felicia Nilsson and Lara Benevides from Konstfack, I joined the Speculative design workshop that took place at the Arts Academy in Split, Croatia, from 17th till 22th October 2016. The workshop was led by trans-disciplinary designers Demitrios Kargotis (from the DashnDem design practice, London and Goldsmiths, University of London and Birmingham City University) and Pedro Oliveira & Luiza Prado (from A Parede research platform, based around PhD study at Universität der Künste Berlin) with assistance by Oleg Šuran (Department of Visual Communication Design, Arts Academy, Split).

Guided by Demitrios Kargotis we explored the language of single-issue parties and developed the Fjaka party – that encourages to Fjakalize the world. Fjaka is a local word meaning the same as the Spanish equivalent Siesta. The design process took us from brief investigations of the current happenings in Split – a city radically transformed since the financial crisis 2008 into a touristic hotspot, requiring negotiation on the living space of the local inhabitants, to finally focus on the word Fjaka and go wild with symbols creating the visual language of the party. We were a group of 16 that went into streamline production of garbage bag mermaids, slogans, posters, film clips and the final performance – the party conference.


Anti-establishment sentiment i growing, with political leaders and parties seen as ”alternative” drawing support across the Western world. Your task is to design your own single-issue party that challenges established aesthetic and political conventions. You will generate your own political language and take party activity to the stress to disrupt the everyday and engage citizens of Split.

You will

// investigate what issues(s) people in Split would care about or be motivated by.

// design the visual identity of your single-issue party with particular attention to the appearance of party leader(s) and members

// create policies and produce a party declaration or manifesto video that embodies the values and ideas of the party both in its content and production style

// design the structure of the party; how it is organized and campaigns

// film a ’media report’ style video that takes us in the workings of your party

// the final presentation will be performative and delivered as your party