Rub it in




Aesthetics, Recycle, Rubber, Material integration


Rub it in is exploring the neglected aesthetics of recycled fashion by rubbing in rubber into second hand clothes.


Duo Blau, Jessica Mittelton, Madeleine Gaterud, Filip Roséen, Emma Bring, Therese Bratt, Kiki van Breukelen

Archive, Fashion


For everybody’s survival – recycle?

The Rub it in–project begun some years ago (2010), developed as a place to explore the aesthetics of recycled fashion. Partly as the resources in the fashion industry at some point will have to travel a circular path – due to the exponential growth, and partly because the aesthetics of recycled fashion is a rather uncharted area (although becoming more explored).

The project consists of several phases but have foremost produced two collections ( AW’13 and ’14) and the love story of Monsieur Renard & Miss Foxy, using the rubber as a metaphor of making an unquestionable point – and rubbing it in. But what aesthetics transforms the recycled to desirable?

Monsieur Renard & Miss Foxy

A love story

Monsieur Renard is bored. Miss Foxy is bored. Bored with loneliness, a conformed everyday and difficulties to apply meaning. But as everyday unfolds so does their dreams, and some come true – actually by the recycling as it happen.

Love conquered after all. Now as the everyday pass, passing the red machine that eats cans is a small reminder of the little wonders it can bring – putting things into a cycle.

Aw’ 14


In real life