Full body-length jacket. Swallowing the body. Blurts out his ideals and mission of standardization.
A march of superiority.


Protection and excuse of intrusion. Gloves with hair on the palm of the hands. Tear off the origin.
As a lucky coincidence it fits with the saying ‘grow hair on the palm of your hands’ meaning someone has masturbated a lot.


Blasted with military. Under the surface. Hide and seek. Disguise.


An extra chest. A safety-vest. Or a human shield? Double up and it is twice the security, but also twice as heavy. Spy-holes through the front armholes. Inside a chest of hair.


Again swallowing the body. Restraining the abilities. Under the spell. A comfort zone. Both feet firmly on the ground. March into uncharted territory.


Chaps with the lapel on the bottom. Word-pooing. With words embellish and beautify. Underneath, panties with hair, shown through the naked front and the open lapel in the back. To respectfully give a shit about who is becoming victim by the embellishment of the words.


Transparence. Under the suitable suit there is body and soul. Visible. For those who wish to see it. Mankind. Regardless what uniform we address and dress ourselves with, underneath there is always a human.

The suit. To suit something. It actually has its orIgins with the word sequi. A Latin word for to follow. How very interesting.

But let me start this web of thoughts at September 19th 2010. This was the day when the far off right-wing party  the Swedish Democrats (SD), for the first time, reached the parliament. SD who primarily are aiming to give back Sweden to the Swedes – to restore a national identity. I wonder, is it possible to lose such a thing? National identity. The collective memories. The collective oblivion. To belong somewhere. To be something. Someone. What does it include? What does it exclude? Or should I ask who?

It has been said that we are threatened. Above all from Muslims. There seems to be a strange attraction to distorted proportions. Extreme have perhaps become less extreme, or even normalized? As the we and them thinking is pushing our limits of humanity, I wonder how does it work – the machinery of we and them?

Assumption 1: we-and-them = territorial claims.

To exist in a territory seems to be built into the evolutionary system. For the sake of development and survival. Territory. Defend and intrude. Protect and destroy. A territory that please our need of belonging. But the construction of a territory also includes neighbors. Inevitable and perhaps inexorable.

Assumption 2:  nothing is consistent

Territories change character. Whether we want it or not. A catalyzer. Perhaps a politician, philosopher, religious leader, social movement, know-ledge. Maybe it is a wolf in sheep’s clothing. Or a messiahs. A leader who seduce.  Seduction towards the idea of something better – wealth? And with new ideas there may be frictions. Inside or outside the territory. Or both. There may be combat. Perhaps terror. And it can lead to a fusion or a fission, the territory widens or shatters.

There is something about this with territories. Something fundamental of our existence. It is of our greatest need in terms of belonging. I am. Territories that we find in every given social situation. A constant evaluation within hierarchies. Positioning one self in regard to what I am surrounded by. Positioning a nation to what it is surrounded by?

Often it is said that – much wants more.  And much is not always very happy to share to its neighbors. Almost an imperialistic behavior. To conquer.

Lets go back to the suit. To suit. To be suitable. With its origins in the word follow. Seduced by the holy quest of growth, mankind follows the market suitably, all dressed in suits. How very suitable. In a global world the suit has entered every continent. Almost like an imperialist. Conquered the world.  Through the suit we take power and we address others to suit into the picture.

Inferior and superior. But still the same suitable suit? Swallowing the diversity? Searching uniformity? Apparently more convenient on a market based agenda? Again there is a strange attraction. Much wants more, but to get more on high-speed basis we need to standardize and make ourselves more alike and like the same things. But this is not any brand news under the sun.   

The purpose of uniforms ever since Roman times is to transform a person from civilian into a unit. (Kenneth Anger)