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Elin Eng is Exploring

interdependencies of human life in global and local contexts, searching possibilities to act towards rescilient futures. She criss-cross between 3 different fields; design, fashion and costume to pose questions, produce material for embodied experiences and to have fun!

Currently Exhibiting at Kastellet

Elin Eng is featured in the exhibition Explore Global Goals for Sustainable Development, an intersection of art, space and new tech on the island of Kastellet, Waxholm, Sweden. The exhibition is produced by Quantified Planet, Global Goals Lab – an exploration platform showcasing testbed projects, stories and voices from their network and partners dedicated to implement the Global Goals on Sustainable Development.

To visit the exhibition go for a boat ride from central Stockholm to Vaxholm, or by bus. From Vaxholm take the cable ferry over to the island of Kastellet.

In the exhibition Elin Eng is contributing with three installations, The Exponential Wardrobe and The Waste Jacket and The Fashruptionist. The Installations are visualizations of average textile consumption in Sweden. A Swede purchase 13 kilograms but also throw away 8 kilograms textiles per year. Under the influence of exponential growth, how will these numbers grow over the years and how will it affect the emotional life of the consumer?

Fashruption is a combination of fashion and disruption, a concept that aims to discuss how fashion is used and produced. Fashion – adornment to position the self in the social, that thrives on expiration. And disruption – that possibly can release space for a renegotiation on the ways we create identities and consume fashion.

  • The Waste Jacket, 8 kilograms is the textile waste of one person per year in Sweden.
  • The Exponential Wardrobe, the expansion of purchases of one person per year in Sweden, given a continuation of 3% (2016) growth per year.
  • The Fashruptionist, an essay about the project Fashruptions with explorations of the emotional entanglement of fashion as a problem setting process and ideas of designed material to provoke renegotiations on a large scale.

Stay tuned – A new website is in the making!
Contact Elin Eng by email info@elineng.com or follow on Instagram.