Elin Eng is a designer that explores how aesthetics choreograph the body by criss-crossing in three different fields; designfashion and costume. In her projects she produce material to pose questions and engage people to reflect upon complex matters such as social, economic and environmental relations through embodied experiences

By using aesthetics as a vessel to explore the interdependencies of human body in global and local contexts, she is constantly searching for possibilities to act towards resilient futures. She is working with a broad lens in projects stretching from what a uniform can perform and conform, to how cross-sectoral collaborations can be constructed or even potential business models for fashion production.

Trained in fashion at The Swedish School of Textile and in design at Konstfack, she methodically moves between systemic levels yet stil connected to an individuals perspective. A lot of her work can be read as conversation pieces while other projects are designed proposals.

Eng’s recent work Fashruption has been exhibited at Global Goals Lab and Stockholm Act at Nordiska Museet, 2017.