As a designer, I am exploring how aesthetics choreograph the body by criss-crossing in three different fields; design, fashion and costume, as one feeds the other and to have fun! In my projects I produce material to pose questions and engage people to reflect upon complex matters such as social, economic and environmental relations through embodied experiences. I am combining my interests working on self-initiated projects, collaborations and consulting assignments – currently with Förnyelselabbet and Innovationsguiden.


With design methodological approaches, that carefully navigate in complex situations, involving several users and actors, projects in this category explore methods of research, problem setting and designed proposals. The practice is foremost used to provoke emotional engagement through embodied experiences by, among other things, activating numbers in full scale installations.


The fashion system, adorning bodies to showcase the self in the social, is particularly interesting to dissect with its emotional layers interconnected with social, economic and environmental systems. With the artistic approach that fashion embrace, projects in this category explore themes from social positioning and business models to material and crafting techniques.


The practice is exploring and playing with aesthetic associations and norms to create storytelling in film, theatre, performance or other artform. From a manuscript or artistic idea the projects (and its characters) within this category are transformed into the physical by character analysis and dialog with other departments.

Latest Work


The tour of Fashruption continues to Stockholm Act, a festival that takes place 21-27 August 2017 in Stockholm, Sweden....

Elin Eng is featured in the exhibition Explore Global Goals for Sustainable Development; an intersection of art, space and new tech on the island of Kastellet, Waxholm, Sweden 2017....

Selected schalars of the year (2017) Konstfack Design: Ingrid Persson (MFA Spatial design), Elin Eng och Lara Benevides (MFA Individual......